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Rick Hudson

All, I am looking for a optical system which can scan a surface area approximately 4 cm X 4 cm and detect edges or lines within the scanned region. Thank you, Rick Hudson

Curt Wuollet

Hi Rick Almost any should be able to to this, it's pretty standard fare. If you want to roll your own, (I do) Video4Linux and the free libraries Intel published a while back would make it fairly easy. Regards cww
Hi Rick, Take a look at Omron and Keyence Vision systems. They both work well. Omron is quiet a bit cheaper. Hope this helps. David Maher Production Engineer Mitsubishi Electric Automotive America [email protected]

Harry Friemann

Rick, Philips CFT-Vision has developed the so-called Allegro frmaegrabber boards. The software supporting it, is Promise, a toolit for LabVIEW from national instruments. Info about this hardware can be inquired at Philips+31-40-273 36 27 Harry Friemann

Burda, Jason M.

Try NanoSystems...they make a line scan camera does edge crack detection. Also, Harris Instruments, Scan-a-line division makes width measurement devices that may help. Good luck JB

Steve Sandberg

What kind of resolution do you need? How fast do you need to detect the edges and output? Environment?

Contact me if you'd like to talk..

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