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jack zhu control engineer

I need a cheap vision system less than $3000 or software that matches the Compaq computer camera QuickCam software or Edmund industrial capture broad K54-834 to measure an angle(+/- 5 degree accurancy) between the hole and vertical axis on the part circle. The part is on the production line. The continue trigger time is 2-3 sec. The angle data can send to MSDB in WinNT Visual Basic environment. Help.

E.P. de Boer

try (Jaap van de Loosdrecht)
email [email protected]

this man developed a very good and trustworthy
vision system from which i am sure will have
part of a solution for your problem.

He teaches higher information Science at my
former school. His software is well known in the
Vision world.

Good luck

Eddy de Boer