Visual basic 6 source code for a stepper motor


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I need some examples of source code in Visual Basic 6 for driving a stepper motor via the parallel port of a PC. Any help would be great.


Eric Simmons

Your P-Port does not have enough power to run a stepper motor, not even a small one, at least I've never got one to work....Even the stepper
motors in your floppy drive and printers need external power right? There are easy to make boards that will connect with your port and let
you run a stepper. You can get all the info you need on doing this many different ways by doing a search on {vb code stepper
motor} and you can read for days...good luck.
Eric Simmons
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Hello. I am doing some sort of project that you would like to do. Maybe we can exchange some ideas. The difference is I am going to control my stepper motor by using Visual C++ and VB as GUI.

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