Visual basic programming for app detect and close


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I've been searching around but to no avail.. could anyone supply me with the rough commands for a small app to run in the background of NT/2000/me/98/95? It needs to detect if that particular software (eg:application.exe) is executed... if it is .. then { MsgBox "Application is not allowed at this time" ,vbOkOnly ," Error" } as i need it to be time based. Please help....

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I have had some success performing these kinds of tasks using a small program called Automate 4.0.
It is from a company called Unisyn. It is so easy to use it almost seems too basic to be as pwerfull as it really is. It runs in the backgrond and can perform any number of tasks depending on the state of the PC(open or close apps, minimize m/maximize windows file manipulation etc. There are several locations on the web you can download a trial demo of this sofware. I first downloaded it from I liked it so much I got it registered (about $30 if I remember right).
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I use a impressive program called Macro Scheduler. It is sweeet! You can write your own macros that will run in Windows. I use it to automate all of my tedious control tasks. It comes fully documented with examples. Check it out at you will not be sorry.
This can be done with about 12 lines of vb code.... search the Microsoft site for articles about preventing duplicate instances of an application. Modify this code as required to use the findwindow function to check if the app is active - if it is show the message and terminate it.