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Kirk S. Hegwood

Hi Everyone,

Has anyone had any experience integrating voice recognition software into a control system. I have several customers interested in this and would like some feedback on some software and related pros and cons.

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Kirk S. Hegwood
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Scott Andrews

I never tried to integrate a program using VOX, but I piloted the concept using a commercially available program (I think it was Voice Express). I had a staff nerd make a program that displayed the output that the program generated (what would be the input for your control system). My conclusion was that this would not be usable in any possible application I was considering due to background noise (of almost any kind). A possible way around this
might be to use a headset mike turned way down and have the person raise their voice considerably (I'm guessing that there needs
to be at least 20 decibels difference before it ignores the noise, not an option for my application). Thinking back on this after seeing
your post, another possibility might be to develop an alternative to words; use pure sounds using something cheap and easy like a
musician's pitch pipe. This would limit the number of commands, but in my experience there are usually only a few utilized all the time. This would also eliminate having to teach the program for every operator.
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Brian Rode Engineered Handling Inc.

The biggest problem with VOX/recognition is that the operator of the equipment cannot develop the voice stamina to operate equipment for extended
periods of time. It an operator is speaking to the system for hours at a time the operator will run out of voice by the end of the day. You try this say "good part" mixed with "bad part" 1000 times and hour. I think hand injuries may be replaced with Loss of voice.

Just my view.

Brian Rode