Voice response system using MSComm.ocx in VB6


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Please any 1 help me...

I'm developing software in VB for play song with request through phone line. Playing song part I have developed. Now I want to develop a new part that I can't in a position to develop, please help me. Give me simple CODE or method.

what I want try to understand I have phone no 254512 and this line connected with my computer in modem. My software playing song continuously. while playing song if some one dial my no 254512 my software detect dial tone and say to dialing user “Welcome here please select category. for category press 01 to 09”. then computer will wait 6 seconds if dialing person will not press any no disconnect the line if press then check write No if No is write then say message “please select song No 01 to 09”. same process wait 6 second if press no then check if not disconnect line if press write No then say message “u select song No ...” and disconnect line and wait for another caller after attend 10 call stop receiving calls for half an hour.

Please help me give me VB code for this method I'm using MsComm.ocx in my project.

I am developing a telephoning dialling system. I want to be able to detect the dial tone and incorporate a voice mail in my system. I also want to be able to issue voice commands into the system so that visually disabled people can use my system. I currently ussing the msagent control for speech, but i am unable to code for the detection of the dial tone.

Please help me.