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I am looking for a stand-alone, low power converter that will take a 0-10V input in and provide a quadrature pulse encoder output.

Application is for water level measurement (we already have the pressure transducers with the 0-10V output) ties to a logger/GOES transmitter that
has both pulse encoder and analog inputs. I'd use the anlog input but it is only 8 bit and won't provide the required precision over the range.

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Daniel Boudreault

I don't believe that make such a product.

Quadrature pulse represents (angular) movements.
The converter will have to know what voltage change is equivalent to what angular change... What happens if the voltage level changes quicker than the quad. output?

What makes you think that the logger can handle more precision via the encoder input? I guess it is possible...

I suggest you get a newer datalogger.

Dan B.

Simon Martin


I once used some Parker hydraulic equipment with this configuration. A 0-10V analog signal fed a an external card, powered by 5Vdc as far as I can remember, which gave out quadrature pulse. I don't the current requirements as we did not have any real problems with this at the time. This equipment was bought the back end of 1989.

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Hi How bad do you want one? I've been looking at making a business of all the oddball and specialty converters that aren't worth doing for one time use but would be simple and inexpensive to offer. I often offer solutions for problems on the list that would involve a few chips and a board but no one seems to want to roll their own. We could use a lot of gadgets in the automation business that just don't exist but should. Regards cww