W2000 hates Logicmaster?


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DW Pearl

Having trouble going online to a 90-30 CPU through the SNP port. Only started after switching to Windows 2000 from 98 (needed to do CLogix programming). Can usually get online, then locks up when trying to look at data table values. Anyone run into this? COM port works fine with VersaPro, RSLogix, etc. CPU is a 331; could the old firmware be the problem (under 5.00).
I have had similar problems with GE Fanuc's Logic Master programming software and other Horner Electric configuration/programming packages. (Horner Electric has a close relationship to GE Fanuc.) Several of which I never could get to work under Windows (3.1, 95, NT, 2000, etc.) To get around this I often created a DOS 6.1 boot floppy and run the configuration program from the floopy. There used to be a couple of web sites out there offering MS DOS boot executables as downloads. I haven't seen those offerings for a while (thanks to MS), but companies like Compaq, etc. offer MS DOS boot programs as downloads on their web site. Probably intended as support for older PCs. Its not a great solution but you can make it work.

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We have many 90-30's and have experienced the problem constantly. We boot in safe mode command prompt only and have had no problems with this method. We were told that it is time to switch to VersaPro by GE Fanuc when we asked this question but have been doing this now for 2 years.
I have recently upgraded to W2K and have experienced the same problems with LM90. The only solution I have found is to boot into dos and run the LM90 from there. I also am attempting to convince my clients that currently use LM90 to
convert to Versa Pro. This seems to work quite well. Although I have met with some resistance. I have gained a whole new respect for the Rockwell folks, even with minor problems with each new rev of RS products it is still better than most other software packages and always seems to be OS compatible.

Andrew Butcher

Versions 9.0 and above use a new comms driver that works very well on W2k. I currently use version 9.5 of Logicmaster on W2k with no comms


Andrew Butcher

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