Wago IO, Ethernet, Modbus/tcp

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Marco Silvestri

I'm going to start a couple of project using linux RT on PC104 and modbus/tcp with Modicon modules. What you want to know in particular? What is Wago IO system? Regards Marco
Yes i have tried Wago I/O using TCPIP , it run well , and it does give me a lot of advantages compare. save wiring , low cost ethernet port with couler. any way can i help ? paul yeo
are you using with PC as PLC ? and you need a device net scanner card right ? what software you using ? paul

Luckett, Greg

I use it with AB's SLC 5/03, 5/04, or 5/05, and use the 1746-SDN scanner. I use RSNetworx and RSLogix500. I do not use a PC for control and will not if I can avoid it. Greg Luckett.
First I'm sorry for this late answer but I was ill, In fact one of our customer wanted to make an application on a standard PC with Linux and the Wago IO System (decentralized Input/output)