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Dear Guy,

I am trying to learn more about motion control and i think you can help me with information about how to do this using PLC , AC servos . I am looking for manuals and fine site ( www ) where i can find good information about that.

May you help me ?


Luciano Vasconcelos

Guy Looney wrote:
> The discussion surrounding this application has been very interesting. I've only been working in the motion control industry for a little over 4 years, but it's all I do. I feel very comfortable with this question & would like to share my opinions/experiences. I've done a lot of applications involving motion controllers (Galil, Compumotor, ORMEC, AB, Modicon, Yaskawa, Baldor/Optimised Control, etc.) and PLC's (AB, Modicon, PLC Direct, GE, etc.) where they've acted alone or together. ... <
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