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Matthew da Silva

I seem to remember a similar ask a few months back, on this list. I'm looking for an industrial touch panel with a screen size about 12-inch.
Must have trend function. Pref. alarms. Need graphic builder and monitoring functions. English-language capability, manuals etc.

Matthew, Yamatake
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Niall Watson

Try Paradigm terminals - they are excellent.
Available through Red Lion Controls in the UK.
Good built in trending & reporting features, programming software is good as well.
I think the web address is www.paracon.co.uk


PES Automation Ltd
Niall Watson ([email protected])
idec have various screens available, colour, monochrome, with or without touch screen. The HG2A colour screen works with many types of plc via an rs232 over short distances, or rs 485 up to 6Km.

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