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from expert view or who has experience with such instruments that reading pH, redox, oxygen and turbidity is it trust-able to integrate it with the process control?

i don't know is it possible to automate wastewater (WRP) plant depending on these instruments.

i am asking this because of new up-gradation using SCADA. some people told me its not possible due to the incorrect reading and frequent maintenance required

which manufacturer is more reliable for these sensors if its possible to mention it?

bob peterson

I have had pretty good luck with these type of instruments from a number of different manufacturers. There is maintenance required to keep them operating but in most cases if the appropriate instruments are selected for the field conditions, it is not a huge burden. If you have experienced problems it may be that either whatever maintenance was required was not being done, or inappropriate instruments were selected in the first place.

Rosemount are very common in the UK and have been specified on many jobs I've worked on including HP Gas Pipelines, including Metering Skid and Intake Skid for a Power Station.

Tom Chubb
The cited analytical instruments are not maintenance free, like probably 80 - 90% of all pressure transmitters that are maintenance free during their installed life span.

pH and ORP consume their own reference solutions. Fouling or chemical changes in the electrode surfaces require periodic calibration. Turbidity requires stock solutions and standards and periodic cleaning of optical surfaces.

It has to be understood that these analytical instruments demand periodic maintenance and calibration, unlike many temperature/pressure instruments.

Bearing in mind the need for periodic maintenance and calibration, these analytical instruments are routinely used in the automation of waste water treatment.