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From last couple of months looking to get literature on control algorithms (like PID or any other) in particular to water distribution (pipe networks). Am working on control of valves, pumps to meet the targets. If anybody having material, formulation or any programs, Please send me, i'll be grateful to u.


Bryan Warden

I would be happy to supply you with answers to any water treatment and/or distribution questions if you will address them specifically. I could spend countless hours sending you information that you don’t need. If you let me know what PLC or Software you want to develop you applications in and I will do my best to supply an example.


Bryan Warden
Hello sir

I'm very happy to see ur reply. I'm research scholar in Indian Institute of Science, India. I'm basically civil engineer. In my research i'm trying to use control algorithms to control or regulate valves or pumps to small pipe networks. In this regard i have attended some courses on control systems. But the application part i was not able to do. I tried in web to get literature but i could not able to get. If u have any small problems, programs (in Matlab or any other languages) please send me. I will see how these are applied.

In my case, particularly i'm trying to use controls for the operation of valves, pumps in water distribution systems for the different demand patterns at the nodes and with multiple reservoirs cases. If u have any related stuff please send me. waiting for ur reply.

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