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salvador castaneda

hello everyone.
I'm trying to control a batch process on a tank, and one of the first things that I should sense is the percent of aluminium before I start the batch process. So is there any sensor, device or system that I can use to measure the % of Aluminium ?

sorry for the question but I am not a chemical Engineer.

Thanks for your help


sall castaneda

Mike Boudreaux

Use a mass flowmeter (or any other density sensing device) to read the density and then calculate the wt% aluminum based on the density of aluminum and the density of the liquid in the tank. You will need to also include a
temperature correction for the change in density of the liquid (can get this from most mass flowmeters also).

The equation I use is...

D1 = Density of aluminum = 23 lb/gal
D2 = Density of liquid (function of temperature)
D = Density of solution
C = wt% aluminum

C = (1-D/D2)/(1-D/D1)

Happy Holidays,

Mike Boudreaux