Water Wash Temperature


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hello everyone... can you explain to me why water wash off line temperature is higher than on line? is it correlated with thermal stress on compressor blade??

Nanang, I think you are on the right track.

You did not say what kind of machine you are referring to, so this may not be correct. I know that GE recommends offline wash temperatures where the wash water or solution is within 150 degf of machine temperature, usually wheelspace temp is stated. I think this is for thermal stress protection.

Water volumes for an offline wash are much higher than online, 50 gpm for offline vs 16 gpm or so for online. During an online wash most water is vaporized as it moves through the compressor, so there should not be any droplets left by the time it reaches the end of the compressor.

During an offline wash, water volume is much higher and there is no heat of compression to vaporize the water, so there is the potential for liquid to enter the turbine section of the machine, which could cause damage to the blades and thermal barrier coating of combustion liners, transition pieces, and other turbine components.

Hope this helps.