Wdpf--S7, How do that?


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Now I'm in a big trouble,I have to connect the WDPF's WestNet II&V-Channel with the Siemens's Industrial Ethernet, but I dont know what to do, so ,anybody can give me some good advice? Thanks.

david mertens

I don't know WDPF's WestNet II&V-Channel but siemens industrial ethernet is easily converted to normal ethernet. The ethernet standard is very common, so probably your system will have a communication card for it. The use of the
TCP/IP protocol is possible on siemens industrial ethernet (with CP343-1 or CP443-1 for the s7-300 or S7-400 series PLC's, CP1430TF for S5 PLC's and CP1613 for PC's). This is the same protocol that's used for the internet so there couldn't be a more common protocol available.
First get yourself a QLC card for the Westinghouse side and a modbus interface card for the S7. Next create a simple datalink to talk between devices via modbus. This method will provide the most reliable communication, the WDPF side and datalink is very simple, your
trouble will arise with figuring out the Siemens addressing scheme. The WDPF datalink manual is a necessity.