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Deepa K.

I want to control an experiment over a network. The server will be located near the experiment & client will be located near the user (me). I want to send control signals to the server which will transmit it to the experiment. The response will be transmitted back to the server & this will be
send back to the client. So the client can watch the output of the experiment & make necessary changes in the control code. What i am planning to do is write the control code in the client & send it over the network for execution. The controller will be DSP. The areas which are not clear to me are how to send the control code over the network, how to send back the responses from the server to client, what is the application program to be used in the client & in the server. If anybody has an idea I will be grateful to recieve it.
I do not get the complete picture but I looks to me that You are looking at a SCADA application build up with an Server (it hold communication with the control units and gives the informatie free for clients) and One or more Clients.
I am a user of Citect (www.citect.com) witch is an open SCADA with build in al functions of SCADA but also high performance communications easy to use network building and posibility to write control functions (programs) running on an client or on the server). You can ask for the Demo with is also the developer and gives 2 houres runtime possibilities.
For an experiment I would use Citect.

Greetings, Sisko Bos (application engineer)
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Brian Lee Mast

This sounds like you are planning to do a lot of programming from scratch. There may be affordable commercial options for you. I know that LabView (from National Instruments) products are widely used in University settings. Perhaps they have educational discounts. Try exploring www.ni.com

Brian Lee Mast, P.E.
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I currently do exactly what you are proposing only using Modicon Quantum controller and embedded web server card (NOE711)

The PLC can acquire data, or control your experiment. The embedded web server has access to the PLC memory. From a browser you can control, display data from the PLC memory (a Java applet is uploaded from the embedded web server to your
browser). The embedded web server becomes part of your ethernet network. Check out Transparent Factory from Schneider.

Len Klochek

Ditto for SoftPLC products . . . we have done a complete motion control system with MMI running (Java app running Internet Explorer). Updates
aren't much to rave about ~250msec for all tags on a screen, but good enough to control a process.

Ken Brown
Applied Motion Systems, Inc.
Thanks for your mail. I am interested to know the details of your work. Can you explain me briefly what Modicon Quantum controller is & how can I use it? In my project, the controller is in the client side. The control code is calculated according to the responses obtained fron the server and sent through the network. Can you tell me more about the embedded web server? i need a strong base in the ideas upon which i can work.
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Santhiraj -Futura Electronics Pvt. Ltd.

Hello Deepa:
You can get more info in GE-Fanuc Cimplicity - a HMI with web view and other facilities. Cimplicity package has features you look for:
-Remote programming
-Monitoring or Viewing over web by a third party
Please go to Ge-Fanuc web pages.