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I need some infromation about Web-Based Control, What is it and what is its resource?
Web based Control is the concept of allowing internet/intranet users access to the control system in some cases over great distances. The practical application is when the control system is able to communicate all needed data to the company information systems such as MRP,ERP or anything else. Historically the control system was closed, to higher corporate communication layers. It was only limited to the users that are either connected via a proprietary links or able to connect to the control system via other close-by interface methods.

By providing the access to the control system via the WWW web the implementers of the system solution must take in account the functionality of the control system with all its deterministic behaviors and assure the same efficient behaviors over long distances. The technology to allow this connection method evolved around the open Internet standards. The data that is normally found in the control system is now viewable via the internet and controlled with the right login access levels to be used by the user over long distances.

You might ask; why would anyone need to access a control system over long distances? Preventative maintenance, system diagnostics and production control functions are but few reasons for implementing this technology. Imagine one day a control system in a far away factory with a critical condition reaches out via e-mail and inform a technician or a manager that some things are statistically about to go out of control. This future is now and does not use anymore resources in fact because the data is stored at the source the system is more efficient and real time.

One leading provider of this technology solution over the Web is Schneider Electric. You might want to find more about their solutions by connecting directly to http://www.modicon.com/ or http://www.transparentfactory.com/

I hope this information helped.

O'Connor, Denis

Is anyone aware of companies that are offering web based monitoring/control
as a paid service

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I know of one company, DataQwest, that has been providing this service for a
number of years. We have worked with them (same customer) on some large
scale telemetry apps (3000-4000 RTU's in one PC Based fault-tolerant SCADA

Their homepage is www.csimonitoring.com .

Robert Barnacle


Barry Baker ofg Trihedral Engineering Ltd. forwarded our company information to you as a provider of the web based monitoring services you were looking for. For your information our web site address has changed to www.dataqwestinc.com or www.dataqwestinc.net I welcome you to visit the site and read about our products and services. Please feel free to contact me if you require further information.

[Barry - thanks for the introduction ]


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Andrew Chiang

Saw your enquiry on the automation list.

We are also providing web based monitoring and control service but with
great accuracy on the data. We provide a whole system approach and not only
selling a remote monitoring unit with webbased system. Data must be accurate
and trusted. We are currently doing the 160 Sansome project in San Francisco
with LBL. This is the IMDS project. Our representative in the USA is Kris
Kinney. If u want to contact us for more info, you can either email to him
or me. Thank you.

Andrew ST Chiang
Senior Director
Electric Eye Pte Ltd / E-Eye Sdn Bhd