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Roberto Tantalen

I'm working for my Ph.D. thesis in Proces Control. I want to implement a remote monitoring, optimization and control programa by using internet.

I have a process in somewhere (say Florida) and my monitoring, optimization and control program is at my university PC (Louisville).

I need to write a program to copy an ASCII file from a remote computer (Florida) to an internet server (Louisville) and backwards (An ASCII file
from the server to another remote PC). All of this using internet.

Could you tell me if there is already some software doing it. I would like to write one by using Java or Visual C++.

I'll thank you for your cooperation and recomendations about this matter.

Roberto Tantalean.
Chemical Engineering Department
University of Louisville

Marcio Francisco Dill Junges

Hello Roberto.

When I was working on my Master Degree thesis I did the same thing.
I used the FTP class from MFC (Visual C++).
It is very easy to use and implement.

Marcio Francisco Dill Junges
Electronic Engineer
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Alex Pavloff

There are very many programs used to get ASCII data from one place to another. FTP, HTTP, and many other internet protocols can be used. Getting data from one place to the other over the internet is nothing new, and in fact, very easy with the facilities of any modern operating system out there. Pick up any book on any modern programming language and they'll tell you how to open up sockets (or something similar) and shoot data across.

Curt Wuollet

Hi Roberto

You can do this with no software on Linux, simply set up a crontab entry to ftp them periodically. Or even simpler, use NFS to mount a directory from
on machine to the other. Of course, on Linux you could simply run the back end on the remote machine and display it on your machine using X That way the back end could be written the same to work locally or remotely with no additional software. All of these are available on any $1.98 Linux CD and are installed ready to work. The Java support is available free from Sun and
is pretty good. And it's _real_ cross platform Java. With Linux, anything you can run locally can be run across the internet with no additional software. I guess not too many people realize that because they spend a lot of money to get the job done on other platforms.


Curt Wuollet
There are many activeX controls out there that you could drop into Visual Basic and do this quickly and easily - -www.mabry.com comes to mind.

If you want an off-the shelf tool check out wsFTPPro - it is an FTP program with a scrpting part that you can use to automate transfers. www.ipswitch.com

John Weber

National Instrument Labwindows or Labview is the
dream solution if you can afford them. The regular versions cost around $1000, luckily for you, they have student editions that can be had for about $100 or less. Depending on your oral skills, you may even be able to talk them into giving it to you for free perhaps; but it's worth the money.
Labwindows uses the more traditional method of programming while labview is more graphical.
Either way, they are both child's play...
Good luck.