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Good evening, list,

I'm currently working in a subsea control system project, we are searching for web-based HMI solutions. Java is the preferred technology, as this is already utilised for other parts of the system.

I've so far come across Ergotech (http://www.ergotech.com), who seem to deliver something close to what we're looking for. They also provide a Java based automation package, which isn't yet released.

Q1: If you read their page about ErgoCim, what do you think?

Q2: Have anyone had experiences with Ergotech?
Q3: What about experiences with (other) web-based HMI solutions for process control? Preferably Java, but also others, "pure" web based. (Not just remote web viewing)

I've searched the net quite thoroughly (I think), but if some of you know of companies not profiled at the internet (what an unlikely thought!), I'd appreciate any additional information.

I'm still quite new to some of this, so please bear with my inadequate wording :)

Grethe Tausvik
FMC Kongsberg Subsea

Nathan Boeger

FactoryPMI is a powerful Java based control system - http://www.inductiveautomation.com/products/factorypmi It features Java Web Start deployment so it can be run as a standalone web based program or inside of a browser as an applet.

FactoryPMI also works well with SQL databases, so connectioning to your enterprise data system is simple.

This post is old, but the comments still apply.

Nathan Boeger, MCSE
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