Web Tutorials on Signal Conditioning and Processing


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Rushi Shroff

Looking for web resources on topics like Methods, instrumentation amplifiers, filter, A/D converters, sample and hold, multiplexers, data acquisition systems, virtual instrumentation and its advantages,
If you go to the National Instruments (NI) web site and look under their 'Community' tab, you'll find Discussion Forums, under which there are topics like 'signal conditioning' and Multifunction DAQ (data acquisition).


If you browser the threads, you'll find lots of links and references to NI's own application notes (if there's a central repository of NI app notes, I've never found it), which are usually well written.

I find that most NI products are more oriented towards (packaged for) the Test & Measurement market, rather than the process market, but A/D is A/D and a ground loop is a ground loop, regardless.