Weight Scale Machine to PLC


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I am a beginner software engineering. I try to learn about PLC. I currently interesting doing a project for connecting a weight scale sensor to a PLC. Can anyone recommend a website for me so I can learn about PLC in a fast way??

Jerry Miille

Many weigh scales send their information as an ASCII encoded serial message. This type of message can be easily read by a human because it is encoded as human readable message that can be easily displayed on a simple "terminal" or a PC with a "terminal emulation software" such as HyperTerminal.

To get this information into a PLC, it will need to be "translated" from the human readable message to a format that the PLC can understand. We offer a product that can translate an ASCII encoded serial message to a format that is compatible with many models of PLC's. It will translate the information from integer or floating point format to a form that your PLC will understand. You can look here http://www.miille.com/curproto.htm for a list of the protocols we currently support or contact us directly at jmiille at miille dot com for additional information.

Thank you.