Westinghouse numa-logic pc-1100/1200 plcs


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Gary Drake

We have a westinghouse pc-1100/1200 plc running a palletizing machine. I need to locate a supplier for spare parts and programming software. This equipment was to been to upgraded to AB5 over three years ago and production would never gives a window to change it. Since then our old
supplier no longer support westinghouse.

We would appreciate hearing if any support is still available.

Gary Drake
Automation Department
Cargill Fertilizer Inc.

virgilio lino

we have PC 1100 spare parts in Italy.
We have also engineering software capabilities
and we support Italian market.
If you need additional info, pls let me know.


[email protected]

Brian Hyland

>If you still need parts / software
Prince Rupert Grain LTD.
Walter Lindner Plant Systems Superintendent
phone 250 627-8777
fax 250 627-8541
They have 2 processors and some cards as well as programming software they are not using.
I might have old programming software if you are not successfull.
Also try Bill Maculey at Cargill Winnipeg MB I think they had or still have some in service
204 947-6260
I cannot do programming for you as I work for competing grain company.
Found a source for parts and they also do repair work. Advanced Technology Services, INC.,
8201-t N. University, Peoria, IL. 61615
Tel. 309-693-4000 FAX 309-693-4164