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I have a PC1100. After the contractor performed some maintenance in my car wash, the controller did not work properly. I can manually start up each component (like blower, rinse, wash, etc) but the controller cannot automatically kick off each component. I believe that the electricians have either cut the wrong wires when they shut off the power or wire something incorrectly. Who can I contact to troubleshoot the PC1100? Thanks!

calvin smith

Good afternoon Kevin,

From what you posted I would agree that the electrician cut the wires to the automatic side of the selector switch or,at he least pulled it loose. I would make them fix it.

Calvin smith
As Curt Wuollet has said, if you at least tell us what country you are in, we might be able to make a suggestion.

As for what the problem is, I suspect that a sensor was moved or disconnected during maintenance and is no longer sensing the position of an actuator. The machine (the program) thinks that some arm or slide is out of position because the sensor is off (or on). and won't start until the sensor is adjusted correctly. This is not an uncommon problem when conducting major maintenance activities.