what are PLC's ladder programming importance in all programming Technics


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Plc,SLC ,logicx platform can program via assembly,c ,c++,now various programming language available for automation purpose then what are PLC's ladder programming importance in all programing technics

I learnt we can do real time programming in PLC but now flash ROM mic ,PC based technology perform same how they compete ,which way is beneficial.Presently i am learning ladder programing and looking for another language learning which bring carrier on bright path related to automation Engineering.

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It is mostly a matter of training and preference. Plus that fact that some programming platforms are better at different types of programming, such as.

"C" based are better at data handling than is ladder.

"Ladder" is better at discrete ON/OFF and Input/Output kind of programming.

"FunctionBlockDiagram" programming, when done properly makes for the fastest troubleshooting during production.