What do I need to connect to a SLC5/05?


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Is it possible to connect through the ethernet port, and what do I need to be able to do that?

I know I need RSLogix500, but I'm used to connecting with a PIC and I'm lost with this 5/05...

Thanks in advance!
First, you need to connect with a serial cable to configure the PLC IP address.
Use a 1747-CP13 and set up a serial driver in RSLinx.
Once you see your PLC, open RSLogix go online and open the Channel Configuration. Go to channel 1-system tab and enter your IP address. You may have to get the IP address from your IT department. Make sure to uncheck the Bootp Enable under the Protocol Control section.

Go back to RSLinx and configure a Ethernet driver.
In the Station Mapping window, enter the IP address of your PLC.
Open RSWho in RSLinx and should see your processor thru the Ethernet driver.

Good luck.
Thanks a lot!

The PLC isn't connected on a network, by the way... I would only be using the ethernet port to connect to a laptop occasionally.

Steve Myres, PE

The SLC is pinned out the same as a PC. So if you're connecting direct, cross-over. If through a hub, patch cable. Also, don't forget to enter your subnet mask. If you are doing direct connect, check in network properties to find out what the IP address for your laptop is (it must be fixed, not dynamically assigned, because the laptop won't be hooked to your network in the direct connect scenario). Then choose an IP number for the processor which differs from your laptop only in the last octet. Then use a subnet mask of This tells the processor to recognize other IP addresses that match in the first three octets as part of the same subnet.

Adam Strange

If you want to connect directly to the 5/05 use a crossover cable. If you ever plan to connect anything else to the 5/05 i.e a PV or such use a hub or switch and then use patch cables.

Lynn at Alist

You would (of course) need a cross-over cable. I say "of course" because the Enet world rarely has the dual DCE/DTE option for end devices. Technically, all end devices tend to be "normal" and all hubs/switches will be opposite of this. 10/100M Ethernet really looks a lot like RS-422 pt-to-pt with TX+/- and RX+/-. To the pins in an end-device for TX+/- link to the same pins in a hub/switch which are the RX+/-. The cross-cable lets the 2 devices talk as-if a hub were present.

So 99.99% of the time you can connect any notebook to any ENet field device with just a "cross-over" cable (making it a MUST have option in any field tech computer case!). But make sure you get one with an odd color - PINK or paint the ends. There is nothing more stupid feeling than spending an hour trying to get something with a grey UTP cable working only to finally notice this is your grey cross-over cable and not a patch cable.

You'll have to understand IP addresses and make sure your notebook and SLC5/05 are on the same sub-net. One of the magic details of TCP/IP is that 2 devices on the same hub/switch or cross-cable cannot talk if their IP are not compatible. This means they need IP like and - IP cannot talk to one like on a cross-cable.

- LynnL
You may have linking problems, like I did, if your network card autonegotiates to a hub or switch at 100/full duplex and your PLC autonegotiates to it's fixed 10/half duplex. We ended up manually configuring all hub and switch ports connected to SLC5/05's and PLC5/XXE's to 10/half duplex along with any port connected to a PC that is exchanging data with the PLCs.


Brian E Boothe

The 5/05 Has an Ethernet Port Built in, Maybe I don't inderstand your Question to well > u have to set-up you Ethernet Port thru your Serial Port on your 5/05.