What is a "Flow meter adalah"?

In English, word order is important and if you'd written adalah flow meter (instead of Flow meter adalah) I would have proposed:

A) Another flow meter vendor by the corporate name Adalah

B) After residing in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts for 7 years, I could easily propose that a New Englander was seeking a really cheap flow meter: A dollar flowmeter, (a $1 flowmeter) which when pronounced in the New England accent comes out as "a dalah flow metah".

On the serious side, I've learned what I've learned over the years by asking for clarification from those who use words or terms I don't understand. If they think it's strange, that's their problem, not mine. I do know that different cultures approach this situation in various other means, but I'd rather get an explanation than remain ignorant. And sometimes I find that the person using the terminology does not know what it means or what they're talking about.