What is a servo valve anyway?

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Hi List:
I happen to be in a customer plant yesterday.
The customer have 3 servo controlled valves.
Most of them manufactured by Siemens circa 1969.
Now he wants us to modernize this system using PLCs.
But I do not have the faintest idea on how a servo valve works.
The customers do not have technical manuals on it either.
Could somebody help me explaining in simple terms how can I control a servo valve. The information I could gather from the last valve I saw (the most modern one) was: Torque operation: 2.4 mKp
(???) Turns/cycle: 12.5 (sounds like they have a feedback via encoder?) Revolutions of output shaft: 22 rpm Max thrust for stem nut type A ???? kg (not legible) Motor AEG, 220 Vac, 2700 rpm,
200 watts

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Rick Stanczak

It's been a couple decades but.....

A servo valve is a bi-directional automatic hydraulic flow control valve with built-in precision electro-mechanical feedback (torque tube) with a ball tip centered in the slide spool that senses position and hence the directional opening which determines speed in the specified direction. (Flow is directly proportional to speed in a positive displacement hydraulic motor.) Moog was the biggest servo valve manufacturer....
Hi, I'm what I guess you'll call an all-wet-behinda-ears-newbie around here. Actually, I'm supposed to be working on a project to construct a hydraulically actuated robot.

I want to do it with as little recourse to Control theory as possible.

My first hurdle is to understand what servo valves are.Then, I'll probabbly need a ton of information on other areas.

Can you help me in any way?

Feel free to contact me at [email protected] .
Thanks a bundle.