What is bandwidth for a wheel angle sensor


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Say you have a sensor to measure the front wheel angle of a car, which gives to 0V at full lock left, and 5V full lock right. This sensor is then put through a ADC and sampled at 100Hz. In control terms, what is the bandwidth of the signal?

Basically I would like to know if the Nyquist–Shannon Sampling Theorem holds, i.e. fn > B

fn = Nquist Freq = fc / 2
B = Bandwidth
fc = Sampling Freq = 100Hz in this case

I'm unsure if the bandwidth defined is:

1) the sending frequencies (in this case a passband bandwidth of 1Hz, since it is sampled perfectly at 100Hz)?


2) the baseband bandwidth of the wheel angle oscillating rate, i.e. the faster rate you can oscillate the from full lock left to full lock right. In this case 0.3Hz.