What is Ethernet/IP (Industrial Protocol)?

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Christopher Di Biase

I've seen a couple press releases mentioning something called Ethernet/IP (Industrial Protocol) and I was wondering if anyone knew when I could find more information on it. I'm very curious as to what it is, and how it could effect the future of plant floor networking. I've always been a fan of getting everything on Ethernet, so of course something like this
perks my curiosity.

Adrian Chesney

Forgive my bias but the two best independent sites I have seen for Industrial Ethernet are at:
The Industrial Ethernet Book


There you will find a wealth of articles, working groups, links, in the case of IEB a product directory with search facility.
Good luck.
Adrian Chesney
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Hi Christopher:

For more info on Ethernet/IP visit:

Briefly, EtherNet/IP is in the family of DeviceNet and ControlNet.

All three use the same application layer for the
operations that are in common, a protocol known as
the Control and Information Protocol, CIP. The name CIP arose within ControlNet International and is being moved into the Open DeviceNet Vendors Association (ODVA) as we speak. (This work is being done by the Alternate Transport SIG of ODVA, which I Chair.)

EtherNet/IP is the CIP protocol using Ethernet and
the TCP/IP suite as transporters rather than the
ControlNet ASIC or CAN. It was broadly announced
at the recent annual ODVA meeting in Tampa.

The above web reference should get you to training
sessions and lots of details on EtherNet/IP.

Hope this helps!


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Gary C. Workman General Motors

Ethernet/IP is the marketing name for the specification of ControlNet's application layer protocol running over TCP/UDP/IP on ethernet. The
specification was developed by ControlNet International (www.controlnet.org) and is included in the latest release of the ControlNet specification. The technology is being transferred to and adopted by the Open DeviceNet Vendors Association (www.odva.org).

EtherNet/IP was introduced at a March 6th meeting hosted by ControlNet International, ODVA, and the Indusrial Ethernet Association just prior to the
ODVA annual meeting. It's described in the April ODVA DeviceNet News newsletter.

You just missed an EtherNet/IP product developers seminar "How to Put Your Product on Ethernet" held last week in Cleveland.

In essence, the ControlNet specification consists of ControlNet's Control and Information Protocol (CIP) running on ControlNet's CTDMA (Concurrent Time Domain Multiple Access) datalink protocol. The DeviceNet specification is a specialization of CIP running on the CAN (Controller Area Network) datalink protocol. The EtherNet/IP specification is a specialization of CIP running
on standard TCP/UDP/IP protocols running on the ethernet datalink protocol.

The actual EtherNet/IP specification today is that portion of the ControlNet specification that pertains to the operation of CIP over ethernet. I
understand that a separate document containing only the Ethernet/IP portions of the ControlNet specification is being prepared and should be available later this summer.

Hope this helps Gary Workman GMNA CRW

Rob Hulsebos


Reading the replies on the question "What is Ethernet/IP": the usage of IP in Ethernet/IP in contract to the IP of TCP/IP will surely confuse the market for a decade to come....

There is already so much confusion in this market - why add more? (or, more cynical, thank you Ethernet/IP ffor increasing the need for network-experts !)

Rob Hulsebos

Jesudas Fernandes

Where can I find more details or specs for CIP protocol which forms the base for EtherNetIP and DeviceNet.