What is exactly " chemical process control engineering"??


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I am studying in a french school of Chemistry and Process engineering and i am going to spend a sandwich year abroad in industry. So the subject of the placement is "Process control engineering". What does it really mean ? I am a little bit afraid of this quite complicated words. My studies seem to be so far off what I am going to do there. So I need your help ! Thanks.
Process Control: also means " Process Control and Instrumentation " Here in North America, it includes all measurements relevant to Plant operation, ie: data capture, data storage & treatment. As as well as individual closed loops and grouping loops towards optimisation. Sequential plant start up and plant shut down fall under " Process control " . " Sequence " is commonly understood as ON/OFF logic. " Process Plant " defines industrial installation transforming raw materials into final product that undergo physico-chemical transformations. Half a century ago, Process Control was only pneumatic. Everything that ends into the control room, and in the hands of operators, is then Process Control. Typical Process Plants: Pulp & Paper, Oil Refinery, Mining & Metallurgy (think: cement plant ...) Food Industry, Steam Boiler Power Plant, ... Water and sewage treatment ... Obviously, " Process Control " is border line to " Manufacturing Plant " The above is global view and interpretation of " Process Control " Regards: < [email protected] > ______________________ "Process Control Instrumentation" est largement compris "Mesures, régulation" sous entendu: Mesures, régulation des procédés industriels. "Automatismes industriels" , Régulation automatique ... Alors, bonne chance, un bon dictionnaire sera utile. Elsvier (Hollande) produit une vaste gamme de dictionnaires multilingues. Une autre bonne source est tout simplement les informations, catalogues des fabriquants multinationaux d'instrumentation. Foxboro, Bailey, ASEA Brown Bovery ... < [email protected] >
The process control is basically monitoring, supervising and controlling individual events in a manner that would result in an effecient performance of the process. Ashab Mirza Assistant Professor, IIEE PCSIR Karachi Pakistan [email protected]

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process control engineering deals with controlling of the variables involved in the process example : Level,flow,temperature,pressure
how we control the process to acheive the desired
yield or product.The subject involves more of
analysing different process control techniques such as feedback,feedforward,cascade,ratio and the instrumentation for the main four process
variables. refer some basic books like Geroge stephanapholos ,Chemical process control good book to start with

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A Process Engineer is one who understands the theory behind the various processes which occur in the facility. He uses simulations, thermodynamics and statistics to improve the quality and yields of the materials produced.

A Control System Engineer is one who understands the theories and practicalities of making the flows, temperatures, levels and pressures in the various towers, vessels and pipes of the facility. PID, Feed Forward, Lead/Lag, Selectors, and Characterizers are just some of the tools used.

The Process Control Engineer is a unique blend of these two diciplines. This person both understands what needs to be accomplished, but also knows how to interface the information into the contol system through advanced controls (such
as multivariable controls or cutpoint controls) and supervisory controls (such as online simulations like Aspentech).There are not many of these people around, so I encourage you to follow this path, because you are truly needed.