What is nominal Horsepower of gas turbine?


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Hi friends:
Can any one describe the Nominal, Part load and minimum performance of a Gas turbine?

The title of this thread asks about the nominal horsepower of [a] gas turbine.

Then in the body of the thread it asks for nominal, part load and minimum <b>performance</b> of a gas turbine.

No where in the original thread does the original poster state what the gas turbine is being used for: producing thrust, or driving a generator, or powering a pump or compressor, or what the application is. Neither is the type of gas turbine the original poster is asking about defined: aircraft engine, aero-derivative engine, heavy duty gas turbine, or some other type of gas turbine.

The maximum <b>rated</b> horsepower produced by a gas turbine can usually be obtained from the nameplate of the turbine. I have never seen a gas turbine (of any kind) used for power generation that didn't have a nameplate stating the maximum rated output (at certain ambient conditions--temperature, pressure/altitude, humidity, etc.). And horsepower can be converted into electrical energy using standard mathematical formulas. There are some losses in a generator, but while not negligible they are not significant, either. (Unless the generator is very poorly constructed.)

Aircraft engines are usually rated in thrust, on their nameplates, which can also be converted to horsepower using standard formulas.

The <b>performance</b> of a fossil-fuel burning device is something that is altogether different. Performance is usually measured as the amount of useful work per unit of fuel or heat content of fuel. Performance of an fossil-fuel burning engine is different from the rated power output, or even the power output at any load (minimum, maximum, or any point in between).

Power output and performance are two different things--related in many respects, but also unrelated in many respects.
Hi sir;
Its ok. I used a gas turbine which drives the centrifugal compressor for Gas.
Now keeping [that] in view, what is the nominal, minimum horse power?
and the term i read Part Load what is it?



Normally your questions refer to thermal efficiency of the GT. Thermal efficiency is the measure of the ability of a GT to convert heat energy to useful output. Its value varies with the load factor of your GT. Typical value that I know is 33% at the rated output. Part load thermal efficiency normally is lower than at the value at rated output. How much? It depends on the design of the GT.
Thanks for detailed help. Actually i have a software which calculate the values from the curves depends on the actual value which we enter.
But before that it ask choose one minimum or nominal. I see Nominal power is greater than the minimum power. do u guide me more about that?