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Hi all,

I need to get information about SPC data aqisition. I have an Ultrasonic device with special controller. The controller has RS232 interface, on the controller help is written the RS232 interface is used for SPC data aquisition.

Can any one help how to do that with PC application...
SPC is the 3-letter acronym for Statistical Process Control. This is not a method of flow control. It relates more to quality control.

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Bhushan Wakhare

SPC stands for "Statistical Process Control" it's basically a Study of the Variation occuring in the a processor Processes. For the study Data has to be gathered and your Ultrasonic device will gather the Data Points
[quantity has to be specified by you ] over a period of time, which you can feed to a Statistical formula to calculate if the Data gathered is coherent to the required Limits or not.

Bhushan Wakhare