What is the best Software in order to Create electrical Schemes for Automation and I/O Schemes

I didn’t mention Autocad Electrical as Eplan is an improvement and up to date version of it - although believe It’s not yet obsolete. If your I/O schemes are fairly repetitive then there is Autocad Lite which is probably obsolete, fairly limited and doesn’t have a licence.
Depends, are you trying manage drawings (presentation), or information?

If you care more about the information you really need use a SIM - System Information Model, where there is a single source of truth for all "facts", but it may be presented in different ways.

We use a SIM for a large client and one person, with an assistant, replaced a design and drafting section of 20 people, with significant improvements in timeliness and accuracy.

But, the deliverables look a little different, there are a lot of lists, but if you think about it, a cable schedule or a termination diagram is just a form of a list.

Check out www.dad.net.au for one example.