what is the future and new application of "internet and intelligent control" ??


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K.P. Chuang

The internet is a hot application or technic. If we want to use "intelligent control" over the net (internet or LAN or the home networking) , what is the application?
Someone said that "IA"(a household appliance that can connect to the internet) or the HomeNet. In America, two groups suggest different specifications. One is "HomePlug" made by Intel, Compaq, and etc(total 13 companies); the other is "the spec. made by CEA (including Sony, 3Com,...) .
And someone said "home automation". Use the computer center to control the household appliances or environment. Ex. the temperature, the sprinkler,...
But there must be many other applications. Please tell me your ideas. Maybe it is a good topic to discuss.

Thank you very much. I'm a graduate student.