what is the inlet air filter high dp trip set point for GE frame 9?


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Nsikan Williams

just inherited a new plant without adequate handover documentation. just need some info guys.

am running a GE frame 9 on Mark VI.
Dear Nsikan,

For my site (frame 9FA), GE setpoint for inlet air filter dp alarm are 4inch H20 (1st alarm), 6inch H20 (second alarm), 8inch H20 (Fired shut down). However the unit will fired shut when the pressure switch triggered and not by the inlet air filter dP reading/value.

Dear Nsikan,

9e with DLN 1.0. Alarm value 154mmH2O and trip set point is 210 mmH2O (Static Filters).

But it is different for standard 9E, 130mmH2O alarm and 180mmH2O trip (Dynamic filters with APU).

It may be variable as per site conditions and machine type.