What is there in the USA after a successful completion in an MS in electrical engineering (power system or control & automation), regarding job opport

What is there in the USA after a successful completion in an MS in electrical engineering (power system or control & automation) , regarding job opportunities and salary?

To my knowledge, the graduate goes and finds a job and negotiates the salary. Some schools/universities have what are called "placement offices" which help arrange job fairs and interviews (a job fair is usually a gathering of several or many potential employers and graduates (potential employees) can talk with recruiters and HR people about opportunities at companies, submit job applications, or maybe even make interview appointments).

But, it' still up to the graduate to do most of the work involved in finding a job. The university I graduated from prided itself on the fact that every graduate had at least three job offers upon graduation--they weren't always the perfect job, and usually there were other employers making job offers as well, but the placement office at that university was VERY pro-active in contacting employers and promoting the school and its programs and its graduates. (I believe that's still true today, after almost 40 years! It was a small school, with a specialized program (two, only, actually) but it has expanded greatly in the last decade or so--but the placement office, and the alumni office, too, are extremely diligent and have many contacts in the fields that graduates would be perfect for--and they know how to use the contacts and promote the school and its graduates.)

And, it's not just related to the type of degree or the field of study--this is true of undergraduate degrees as well as graduate degrees and most fields of study. One would do well, in the USA, to choose a school with an active and well-regarded placement office and alumni office when choosing a university--because that can help find jobs and open doors to employers and opportunities.

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If you were asking about job openings in the USA you should look at job postings on sites such as LinkedIn, indeed.com, monster.com, careerbuilder.com and many others.

If you're asking about opportunities for non-USA residents, that's an entirely different topic, and one that's likely to see more upheaval and reversals over the next couple of years.

Have you considered remote working opportunities for companies headquartered in countries other than your own? You can probably filter your search results based on remote work.

Hope this helps!
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