what programming language should i use to communicate with the serial port?


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i'm doing a thesis that requires me to communicate with the PIC16f877 via the serial port with the use of RS232.

i'm not sure on what programming language to use in order to do this. i would need to have a good GUI to display the data received from the PIC.
please help me. thank you.


I designed & built a PIC16F872 heart-rate monitor with a PC-based gui display as my final year project at uni. I used C++. The pico i used didn't have a built-in RS232 support, which wasn't a problem as I wrote code to do simple DTE-DCE RS232 data formatting (without hand-shaking). C++ supports port access (you'll have to use API calls). Hope this helps
We had used C as its easy to access RS232 port & recieve data by address. For good UI, I think u can use VB interface and access RS232 using available win 32 dll.

Tony Corbitt

The majority of Microsoft software, and a high % of the rest of the software world, is done in Visual Basic. I used to program extensivley in it, but I hate programming. And I found their was allot more money to be made integrating X-Base accounting software, and SQL. I suggest basic, because it's fast, easy, and you can get a dozen cheap books on it at any used book store on the planet.

Davis Gentry

Depends entirely on what you are doing and on what operating system you want to use.

If using any flavor of Windows then VB with the mscomm control makes for an easy interface with a good gui development. If doing any complex manipulation of non-ascii text then you may want to use vc++. VC# is also a good gui development package, and combines many of the best features of VB and VC++.

Davis Gentry
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If the data being sent is just ASCII text then it might be worth considering using Windows Hyperterminal initially. This will allow you to send and receive data via a serial port without you having to worry about the details.

This will avoid the situation where you are having to debug both ends at the same time.

Can anyone give me a working sample code on how to communicate with the rs232, and what are requirements of the code to work. either in c or vb is fine. my email is lucian_ky @ yahoo. com thanks!

Brian E Boothe

if you have to ask such a question, how are you going to know how to program the serial Port when it comes down to it?

I'd choose VB or VB.NET, C#, heck even PERL will talk to a serial port, why are you asking?
What function can be use to communicate in C++ language? Can you give me example just for simple turning on and off LED if we just place LED in LPT1 port? I use WinXP.

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