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We are about to choose a real time database to log data from PLCs.

Have anyone else evaluated different databases or do anyone know of a test or comparison on the net?

Any feedback on OSIsoft PI, AspenTech InfoPlus and GE Fanuc Proficy is appreciated.

Emphasis is on ease of integration and good tools for building thin clients / web front-ends.

Considering the emphasis, while all three companies are vendors of excellent tools, OSIsoft's PI was designed to do exactly what you want.

Before you select any database tool, you should script a very detailed scope and specification, of exactly what you want the tool to be capable of, and then point-by-point rate each of the competing products. The one that most closely matches your specification and scope is the one you should buy.

This means you should ask detailed questions of the vendor and other users, and not rely on marketing discussions in the vendor literature.

It is very useful to attend user group meetings and interact with other users. Companies who don't allow _prospective_ users to attend aren't the ones you should be considering.

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