What Type of servo motor would work well for a pop-up target?

I want to build a pop-up target for my home rifle range and I need a recommendation for a servo motor that is appropriate for this project. It needs to be powerful enough to simply raise a plastic target from the horizontal to the vertical position and back to the horizontal when hit. The target measures 20"w x 48"h and weighs less than a pound. The motor will be mated to a worm gearbox and I imagine that the servo will rotate in opposite directions when raising and lowering the target which is attached to an arm which is connected to an axel running through the gearbox. I want the target to be raised and lowered in 1 second or less.

I do not wish to have any kind of oscillating transmission which is why I am considering a servo motor, however I am open to other suggestions.
A great deal depends on the size and fixings of your target, A stepper motor with drive circuit [with or without gears] I believe would give what you have in mind. Direct gears instead of worm drive would give a faster response; and there are various manfacturerers with ready made kit.
Here is a link to a Youtube video of a popup targets mechanical function I would like to replicate. Is it likely that a stepper is being used in this system? What specifications would I need in a stepper to do this? PT61 Portable Tactical Target with a New Twist! - YouTube