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Shari Worthington


January 2002


<P>Happy New Year and welcome to your first 2002 issue of our report on sales and marketing issues for the technology and manufacturing markets. The economy is off to a rocky start this year, but now's the easiest time to stand out from the competition. It all comes down to focused marketing dollars...</P>

News from the Telesian:Marketing Division

<P>Conrad and Levinson hit a home run when they first coined the term "guerilla marketing" back in the 1980's. In good times or bad, it's important to focus your sales and marketing dollars on what best reaches your target market. Space advertising, the stalwart of marketing for decades, just isn't generating the leads or the buzz it once did.</P>

<P>In 2002, * guerilla marketing * tactics and an increased emphasis on
* public relations * will be the most important strategies for cost-conscious marketers in the business markets. But before you begin, make sure you spend your time and dollars most effectively. Start by reading the 10 COMMANDMENTS OF GUERILLA MARKETING at <a href="http://www.telesian.com/enews/0103">http://www.telesian.com/enews/0103</a>.</P>

News from the Telesian:e-Business Division

<P>Fundamentally, the Internet can be looked at as a disruptive technology -- a concept first described by Harvard Professor Clayton Christensen in his book "The Innovator's Dilemma." A disruptive technology is one that can quickly change the basis of competition. In the 21st Century, the Internet presents suppliers with new opportunities for developing a unique competitive advantage in their markets. In many cases, we see startups using the Internet to, in effect, sneak up on their competitors through emerging market opportunities. e-Business fits this bill in a variety of ways. Find out how you can deal with disruptive technologies at <a href="http://www.telesian.com/enews/0104">http://www.telesian.com/enews/0104</a></P>

<P>[Excerpted from <cite>"e-Business in Manufacturing: Putting the Internet to Work in the Industrial Enterprise,"</cite> Shari L.S. Worthington and Walt Boyes, ISA Press, 2002. Order now at <a href="http://books.isa.org">http://books.isa.org</a>.]

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