when simulating how to input analogy signal


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Now I have designed a simple project under concept (using LD).when I using SIMPLC32 to simulate this project, I found that as so as I change the value of analogy input in SIMPLC32(change the 3X regist) the LD will have no reaction. Only the lines between EN and ENO became blue and other still not active.SO I want to ask if my method is right and when inputting analogy signal in SIMPLC32 if there are some rules.

Darrell Wrubleski

You need to use the Reference Data Editor to view the changes to your 3x reference. It is in the Online Menu..., type in your 3x refence in the address section and you will see the value change.

Also, Have you animated your section after selecting the code?

This should help.

Darrell Wrubleski