where can i find a communication protocol used by WinCC


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I'd like to make a server, that will provide same data for WinCC client (through TCP/IP driver) for visualization, but I can't find a communication protocol. I will take some data from robot through serial port and my server will provide this data to WinCC,and then I will vizualize this data. But I can't find protocol. Thanks.

Mathias Lindgren

Hi Peter!
I also think that OPC is an excellent choice for communication.

I recommend you to use a OPC toolbox to build up your OPC server for your robot. Look at "www.softing.com/opc/":http://www.softing.com/opc/ they have an toolbox for VC++ (6.0) and VB (6.0).

There are also other companies that are selling toolboxes for OPC development.

You could also use WinCC API but it´s a bit more trickier and you must use WinCC in the future for your program.

Good Luck !
Mathias Lindgren