Where to find Info to create your own PLC driver


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I'm an Indonesian student, could you tell me in detail how can i integrate/connect/controlling plc's ( omron cpm1, cxxh and siemens s7300 from a
personal computer..? maybe the system ussually people call SCADA.

what kind of hardware that I need..?
how to build the software ?
what is the first knowledge that I should have ?
and something that i can done for the first..?

I familiar with c, c++, VB.

sorry my english is not good, but your information is more important for me...


Alex Pavloff wrote:
> actually its a very simple operation to get information from a PLC to Visual
> Basic. Visual Basic simply accesses a COM/ActiveX object to do the read/write.
> These objects can be written in C++ or Visual Basic or your language of choice to
> talk to the serial. Documentation for almost all PLC serial protocols is freely
> available (unlike the ethernet protocols, which are harder to get a hold of).
> If you want to get the job done right now, there are people who will happily sell
> you components for a reasonable fee that easily install and provide all the
> communications. A few mouse clicks and a bit of typing, and you can be on your
> way. It's that easy -- really.