Where to Start Learning about Mark VI?

hello everyone

I'm a new control engineer at a gas turbine power station running GE frame 9e with mark vie. I want to know where to start to understand the mark vie system, and how to use toolboxst. I mean what document should I start with to become familiar with Mark VI.

I understand how gas turbine works, and I've read the auxiliary systems PIDs (lube oil, gas fuel system...etc), but the control is still a mystery to me.

I sorry if I'm not asking the right questions here, and sorry if my english has any errors.

thank you in advance.
First of all, you need to be specific about what you are asking. The tile of this thread implies Mark VI, and the body implies Mark VIe. The two are somewhat similar, but have some VERY BIG differences.

Second, you need to determine what your immediate needs are. Do you need to troubleshoot Process Alarms, or Diagnostic Alarms? (Process Alarms are related to the process of controlling and protecting a turbine, it's auxiliaries and driven device (generator, in your case.) Diagnostic Alarms are related to Mark VI (or VIe) components and internal firmware and software.)

To troubleshoot Process Alarms you are going to need to know how to use ToolboxST to troubleshoot. There is a manual for that (ToolboxST for Turbine Control).

To troubleshoot Diagnostic Alarms you are going to need to use the Mark VI (or VIe) System Guide, GEH-6421 for the Mark VI, and GEH-6721 for the Mark VIe.

If you want to understand how the turbine and auxiliaries operate, well you need to use the Operations and Maintenance and Service Manuals provided with the unit. There should be individual sections for each system.

In my personal, one cannot be a good turbine control technician unless one knows how the turbine and auxiliaries are supposed to operate. And, that takes training and familiarization. Being an operator--as well as being a technician--requires intense study of and knowledge of the P&IDs for the turbine and auxiliaries. And, for that, there is no manual or written documentation; one has to just obtain copies of the P&IDs and study them, in conjunction with the System Descriptions in the Manuals, and THEN going out to the turbine and auxiliaries and finding and identifying each of the components on each of the P&IDs. Some of the components are inside the L.O. Tank (Reservoir), and for that one needs to have access to the Piping Drawings in the Maintenance Section of the Manuals. There is NO SUBSTITUE for committing the P&IDs to memory, and knowing where each and every one of the devices on the P&IDs are located and how they work.

Unfortunately, the Mark VI (and VIe) manuals (including the System Guides and Toolbox (or ToolboxST) manuals) are generic documents and don't provide very much if any information on how the turbines operate or how the Mark* turbine control systems work with the devices shown on the P&IDs to control and protect the turbine. And, they don't list ANY Process Alarms, at all.

Oh if there were only a single document or manual or book that someone could read and study and learn how to be an operator and/or a technician. But, there isn't, and there will probably never be. The materials (drawings and System Descriptions and the Control Specification and vendor manuals) are all there and available, but one has to amass them and study them and organize them.

The Speedtronic (Mark*) community here on control.com has been around for almost 20 years. A LOT of the same questions have been asked and answered many times--and they are all available in the "Archives", which is accessed by using the cleverly hidden 'Search' field at the far right of every Menu bar at the top of every desktop version of control.com. (For the mobile version of control.com the 'Search' feature is under the control.com tab, if I recall correctly.) The syntax of using the control.com 'Search' feature is not like the World Wide Web search engines you are probably familiar with and which brought you to control.com in the beginning. But, there is a 'Help' function for the 'Search' feature, and it's highly recommended you use it the first few times you search for topics and/or keywords. It's ver powerful (the 'Search' feature), but you have to know how to use it. (Fortunately, it's not difficult, but it something else to learn--however, the time spent learning how to use it will be time well spent over many years.)

Dig in, make lots of photocopies, print lots of documents, and learn how to use the 'Search' feature of control.com. Ask you questions here, and remember: We're not sitting beside you and we don't know the age of the unit(s) at your site, we don't know when the Mark* was upgraded to Mark VIe (or what the version of Mark* was before the VIe upgrade), and we don't know what fuel(s) are burned, what kind of generator (air- or hydrogen-cooled) the unit has. AND, remember, also: Even though a lot of GE-design Frame 9E heavy duty gas turbines are similar in many ways--they are NOT all alike. (Same goes for Frame 5s, and Frame 6Bs, and Frame 7E/EAs, and Frame 7Fs, and Frame 9Fs, and even the new HA-class Frames.) You have to provide background information for your specific questions, because we don't know anything about you and your experience or the machines and the auxiliaries and fuels at your site. You will have to repeat yourself several times (because this site doesn't use avatars!), and you can't (presently) post drawings or sketches or photos to the control.com (but there are workarounds for that!).

Hope this helps!!!
thanks for answering all of you

and Mr. CSA

>First of all, you need to be specific about what you are
>asking. The tile of this thread implies Mark VI, and the
>body implies Mark VIe. The two are somewhat similar, but
>have some VERY BIG differences.

well this is something i know for the first time from you, i mean i thought they are the same thing. thanks and as i said i don't know if I'm asking the right questions here.

>Second, you need to determine what your immediate needs are.

my question was about general learning but from what you have said i need to be more specific about the system and what i need from it.

I'll try to read every document you've mentioned early (as i could understand) and do as you advice me.

>Hope this helps!!!
yes it did
thank you very much