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I want to use Delphi to write a program to read/write to a plc (koyo).

The problem is i'm not sure if i'm on the right track (newbie to PLC stuff).

I want to use ethernet as the communication medium
and the protocol is i think modbus, I've read that i must get an Dll or ActiveX to handel to communication between the PC and PLC, is this right ? Is the protocol delt with in the Dll/ActiveX? Where can i get a dll or ActiveX that is not a demo/trail that will work with Delphi and the plc (koyo).

Am i on the right track when looking at my Qs?
Any help will be greatly appreciate.


James Ingraham

Automated Solutions has an ActiveX control for communicating with a Koyo PLC, Unfortunately, it's $600. So is the one from Software Toolbox. I am not aware of a free solution, though it is possible one exists.

A DDE/OPC server is available from AutomationDirect.com for $295. But then you'll have to learn how to write a DDE or OPC client in Delphi. Conceivably, you could buy an OPC client ActiveX control. Software Toolbox offers one for $295. Itegration Objects has one, price unknown.

I don't think that Koyo has published their protocol, so you can't just write your own driver. Again, I could be wrong.

Good Luck.

-James Ingraham
Sage Automation, Inc.