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I am curious as to what HMI would be best suit my needs. This system would need to have these requirements: historical data trending, real time trending (which the operators will use for running our process), the ability to share data with a sybase sql database, SPC calculations (cpk,histograms, etc.), and recipe functions.

We have three lines and one supervisory station. I was currently looking at a WinCC server (with redundancy) with three clients over ethernet.
But I have not seen an SPC add on for winCC. I believe that Cimplicity has a SPC add on but I am not sure what other HMI's offer this.

I am open for suggestions on this matter. Thank you.

Jesper M. Pedersen

I know of at least two HMI/SCADA packages that have SPC functionality:

CiTect, which have it built straight in.

RSView, which have a resource add-on.

best regards

Jesper M. Pedersen

Kevin C. Maguire

Siemens has an SPC add-on pkg. that can work with WinCC. It is called Criterion Vantage.



The info. on the web is pretty thin. If you're looking for more info., I
can direct you to a more specific source.

Let me know if you have any other questions.

Kevin C. Maguire
Siemens Energy & Automation
Dear Knucklhead,

Have you looked at RSView32 from Rockwell. It provides for Logging into ODBC format without SQL programming,Trending (Real-time & Historical), SPC,Recipe functions,Messaging functions(email,fax,voice etc.,), in addition to Standard
Microsoft VBA for scripting. You also have an add-on to turn it into a Server and can then have Client stations connect to the same project.
Look up "http://www.software.rockwell.com":http://www.software.rockwell.com

Elipse Support

Elipse Software offers an HMI/SCADA software package, named Elipse SCADA, that contains all of the features you asked for in this message. All of these items are standard product features, so there are no additional costs.

Elipse SCADA will also allow you create applications that will act as Clients and Servers with each other, so exchanging data between applications or stations via Ethernet is not a problem. This is also a standard feature.

You can download and evaluate the Elipse SCADA software from the Elipse website.

Best regards,
Elipse Support
[email protected]
There are many options open to you for this type of application. WinCC does not have SPC built into the product, but for a small nominal fee, Siemens can customize something for you. GECimplicity does have an SPC add-on, but it's
an extra cost. Other HMI's to consider:

- Intellution iFIX ( "http://www.intellution.com":http://www.intellution.com )
- Rockwell Software RSView32 ( "http://www.software.rockwell.com":http://www.software.rockwell.com )
- Citect ( "http://www.citect.com":http://www.citect.com )
- Wonderware InTouch ( "http://www.wonderware.com":http://www.wonderware.com )
- Iconics Genesis32 ( "http://www.iconics.com":http://www.iconics.com )

Each has advantages and disadvantages and everybody will have their opinions. You should look at the entire solution for a proper decision; brand of PLC's, communications, local support, etc.

Good luck!
If you're looking for a hardware/software bundle, you may want to look at Cutler-Hammer's new Ethernet version of Panelmate. It has a real time and historical trending package and can be configured to archive the data to a remote server. It also has OPC Servers for all the major PLC's and Networks (DNet, Profi, CNet, ModB+)as well as NIC's for those networks if you prefer
hardwired I/O control and Ethernet for data collection.

Cutler-Hammer Automations (800) 809-2772 option 5

[email protected]

Humberto Ferreira

I think this is a good question, but instead each manufacturer or distributor saying: "use my SCADA", I would like to know if anyone knows about any kind of study that compares main features between all SCADA's?

I'd like to have a document where I could see: SCADA A can export data to access, SCADA B alows communication via Modbus, etc, etc...

I think this could be useful.

Humberto Ferreira
BMARKETONLINE.COM - 1st Automation Portal in Portugal

Bob Peterson

I think what you will find is that all the SCADA packages have very similar features and capabilities. They can all export data to an external database. They all support multiple communications protocols. They all either have, or can have added, features such as batch control, SPC, historical data collection, reporting, etc.

I cannot think of a single thing that the products I have used (WW, Fix, IFix, RSView) can do that cannot be done by all of them. The catch could be cost - some packages include things in the base package that others charge extra for, or you may need to use a third party add on for some

I would not let a marketing department generated feature list comparing the various packages sway me a whole lot. Most of the differences are not
going to matter much in typical applications. OTOH-you may have that "one-in-a-million" application where a particular feature does make a

I would worry more about such things as:

- tech support (all the packages I have used have acceptable tech support)
- distributor support (very spotty - some distributors are far better then others)
- training or retraining that might be required for the end user

Bob Peterson
This question involves much more than the selection of a software package. You need to consider the quality of your local sales and support - they are the ones who will live with you through the initial process and follow on upgrades. Then there is training. Finally, and most important, your overall automation
philosophy. What are you trying to accomplish over time... It may be an HMI this week, but next year it is the foundation of your Plant Intelligence strategy. The selection you make today can have major implications for your
future. All companies can offer you a quality HMI. But, if your area of concern includes turning data into information at the operator level, long term archiving and retrieval of data, Web technology, and Reporting, in addition to
the HMI, then you need to evaluate carefully and select products that are scaleable and are based on quality architecture.

See the readers' choice awards at "http://www.controlmag.com":http://www.controlmag.com for companies to consider. They highlight overall areas of functionality - HMI, SCADA, and
Process Control.

Roy Kok
I don't think that the scada system have knowledge in the all science.

I hope you think so and if you want to make SPC, use a SPC software and not an addin which is calling SPC Tools and which you need to re developpe the complete tools for according your needs and the solution.

I work on a SPC software and if you need information, mail to : "[email protected]", mailto:[email protected]

Applied statistics package is now integrated with
Win CC package through OPC CLIENT & SERVER ont
the same node. This should serve the purpose for

If you require any further clarification do not
hesitate to contact us.

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