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Hi all,
A friend of mine not on the list has a problem. He says,

I am in the middle of designing a system using primarily DeviceNet as the data protocol. I've got one piece left, thats a platform on an elevator that runs about 60' high. On the platform I've got some controls, about 12 signals in all. I think it would be a bad idea to use a dropline, so looking at parallel signals just running up the unit.
Other choices are to encode/decode signals and use a small PLC on the platform. Wondering about any other serial modes, such as even X10?
Anyone got some ideas?

Any feedback on your experience would be helpful.
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You could consider converting DeviceNet to "Dupline" (a Carlo Gavazzi simple IO bus) or maybe
Modbus / 232 or 485 for the 60' length - I doubt that you could get away with a 60' drop, I think
the DeviceNet spec says 20' max drop.

OR... You could "Loop" the trunkline for a 120' detour. Less expensive than a gateway or PLC.

Perry Sink