Which Panelview to use w ControlLogix PLC??


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Which Panelview is the best to use with a ControlLogix PLC? I have heard that if you use the older protocol screens (DH+, RIO, DF, etc) that the tag issue within the Panelbuilder software is a nightmare. I have heard to use an Ethernet, Control or Device Net screen. That these screens make life easier due to the ability to address the ControlLogix tags. Is this true? Any feed back would be appreciated...
you can use the panelmate as a remote I/O and use a DHRIO card as a RIO to pass info to it. all icons are I/O and all integer data is done by block transfer. setting up the panelmate can be a challenge but the BT and I/O from the CLX is easy.
I should clarify that I am using a panelmate 1700 series from cutler-hammer and not a panelview, although I would think that most HMI's have the remote I/O option (maybe not?)
You won't be happy to hear it, but "it depends".

If you already have DeviceNet and want to use a small (PV600, 550, 300) PanelView and want to communicate with smart devices like drives and
photocells directly... use a PanelView on DeviceNet. Adddressing in these isn't any easier for the Logix than for any other DNet scanner, because the data is all in big arrays and not addressed using Logix tagnames.

If you already have ControlNet and want to communicate with all the PLC's on that network and on networks bridged to it.... use ControlNet. But don't put a large number of PanelViews talking to one ControlLogix on
ControlNet or you'll hog bandwidth if you're not careful (the same is true for other HMIs).

If you have to communicate with PLC-5, SLC-5/04 or other DH+ products or already have a DH+ network installed... use DH+. This will require that you do some extra mapping of data arrays to PLC-5 compatibility

If you have to communicate with just one ControlLogix, FlexLogix, or CompactLogix controller.... use DF1.

If you're a glutton for punishment.... use DH485. Great for SLC and MicroLogix, lousy for ControlLogix except in SLC integration projects.

Equivocal enough for you ?

I prefer EtherNet/IP for PanelViews to ControlLogix, because it puts the PanelViews up on the supervisory network level and the ENET and ENBT modules have lots of bandwidth. I favor RIO to PanelViews the least because I don't have passthrough downloading, and the cross-referencing of tag data, while not nightmarish, involves more graph paper than I want to deal with.

An excellent note on the differences between PanelView and ControlLogix data types is on the A-B knowledgebase as document # 13845. This should
take some of the bite out of the stories you've heard about addressing troubles.


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I have been with AB for 4 years as a Sr. Automation Engr. for Tech Support and now im working here in Yokogawa

I do not agree with you saying that RIO can be use for ControLogix because this hardware does not use RIO protocol it uses DH+, Ehternet, and Controlnet as it's backbone

have you ever seen a Contrologix Communication configuration ????????????? do you see a RIO ????????

anyway if you have additional questions you can email me at:

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Eduardo Manuel C. Cipriano
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Anthony Kerstens

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With the DH+, the ControlLogix tags would have to be mapped to "PLC5/SLC"
This is not such a big deal.

Anthony Kerstens P.Eng.

Mauricio Orellana

I think you should try with the series Standard PanelView

PanelView 1000 Color
PanelView 1400

The programing is done via PanelBuilder32 and this software could manage the entire famili of PanelView not only this two models.
The communications protocols of this models are:

Remote I/O
Rs232 DH-485
Othe Networks

Good luck
Mauricio Orellana

James Ingraham

>have you ever seen a Contrologix Communication >configuration ????????????? do you see a >RIO ????????

Yes, I have seen ControlLogix Communication configuration. Yes, I see RIO. You can set up both "standard" I/O where you configure a half-rack of I/O or whatever, and you can also do block transfers. I have done both from C-Logix. Granted, ControlNet is much more flexible and much faster. But for HMI this should work fine.

James Ingraham
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steve godfrey

It would be best to use one of the new ones with
EtherNet or ControlNet. DeviceNet has too small a
bandwidth. The only draw back with ControlNet is that you are limited to 3 max be ControlNet card and even this is on the edge. We have ControlNet PV1000 models here and they work really well once we use scheduled messaging instead of unscheduled. If we were going to put new ones in we would use the EtherNet ones.

Steve Godfrey
I'am technical support for Allen-Bradley products in Thailand for 5 Years, ControlLogix can communicate with PanelView , for every protocol, DeivceNet ------> using 1756-DNB
ControlNet-------> using 1756-CNB
DF1---------------> using serial port on ControlLogix CPU , DH-485----------> using Serial port (RS-232) or 1756-MVI module , RIO (remote I/O) ----> 1756-DHRIO or they can support DH+ communication protocal, and the new technology, should be Ethernet /IP--->using 1756-ENET or ENBT communication module, this is the best easy to connect , we can use any commercial HUB and accessaires. but any way it upon your existing network
as Mr. Ingraham stated it is possible. The scenario I described is a design I am currently working on where I am replacing proprietary motion control with the control logix motion card, I am using a DHRIO module to interface with the existing remote I/O, which includes the panlemate I 'inherited' with this project. The first part of the project I chose to tackle was the interface with the HMI which has been working in remote I/O for the last few weeks.
To get the easiest/best out of a Panelview, I would go with the more advanced units with Controlnet or Ethernet, but if you have to use the standard/legacy protocols then you need to plan it out. I have used all three and using RIO is the tricky one. All you need is to make an integer array and map the array as PLC/SLC and it is straightforward. I set the Panelview to look at PLC5 rather than CLX. Also check the knowledge base at Rockwell's website.


Mark Gustafson

By far the best communications protocol for a Panelview to a Control Logix is ControlNet! The tag databases are easier to work with.. When you use an older comms protocol like DH+ you have to map your Control Logix program to the Panelview like it is talking to a AB PLC 5.

Trevor Ousey

Actually you can use rio, using a DHRIO module with the message instruction using block transfer read and writes, similar to PLC5 in ways. It does have some tricky areas but it is useable. You put an RIO adapter in the I/O tree and go from there. Again there are some useful notes and examples in the Rockwell Knowledgebase web site.


You can use RIO.

I have recently upgraded a piece of equip from 5/04, sn module (for rio), Panelview 1400e on rio to:

CLX with DH/RIO to panelview 1400e utilizing the rio portion of the module. I used approx. 32 words in & 32 words out. No block transfers
are necessary and the tag addressing to the panelview was straight forward, when assigning the tag just point to the panelview/ the word/ &
or the bit.

It depends on the no. of characters and lines you need. and further, For all medium applications
panel view 550 is ok. for past 4 years no problem for us.