Which SCADA softwares are popular in India


Naveen Nagar

As far as I know the most popular is SIEMENS Win-CC package.

Other Popular packages include RS-View & Wonderware

I think its Intellution FIX Demac 7.0.
But i feel comfortable with Honeywell's Plantscape SCADA.

i have worked on various scada softwares like ellipse,intellution,wonderware,rsview etc but the mostcomprehensive i found is Aspic .just try it out.
I feel Intellution is the best... It is backed by Emerson electronics which happens to be top Fortune 10 company.

Besides it has over 8000 installations worldwide and around 2000 + in India.....

They have their Exculsive Dealers located in Mumbai with the name of Sarla Technologies...

I think their website address is www.sarlatech.com i am not sure but just check it....
Dear All,
I have read all the comments about the softwares available. But none seems to write nothing about the relating hardware module. Being in the industry for quite a long time, I would like you to know about ABBs SCADA software. The software as such is called as Microscada which also has a senior partner called SPIDER Scada. The most advantage is that you can always use the ABBs reliable hardware Modules coming out in various forms. They call it as RTU 200, 210 and 232 and the latest update is RTU 560 which comes with a redundant CPU and Power supply. For more info and the present status do login to abb.com.


Note. I would like to mention that I'm not with ABB presently but has personal experience in the use of the above said modules.


Parag Javale

Presently there are many SCADA softwares available in the market and each software has it's pro's and con's .. but if you think as an end -user who wants to automate his process using easy , user friendly and stable software .. I'd recommend to use Wonderware Products ..

Wonderware has a wide range of products which meets all the Automation needs of the industry and it's configuration is far easier as
compared to any other SCADA. It is popular in India since 1997 and presently it is playing major role in the Indian Market. And Wonderware
is one of the leaders in Automation since a long time ..

For any enquiries on Wonderware Products please contact KLG Systel Ltd. - who is an authorised distributor for Wonderware Products in India.

Or you can reply on : [email protected]

Also visit www.klgsystel.com for more information on Industry related softwares.

mansoor mohammed

i have worked almost 2.5 years on spider scada system with RTU 200...

most reliable point of spider its ease with which you can edit/add various i/o modules